Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Have Made It! Oct 18, 2008 – Together We Celebrate Life

About 100 of us gathered today to see each other, to support each other, and to celebrate life today – CML friends and families who came from various places; physicians who have being so kind sacrificing their weekend; nurses who are always ready to support us; and volunteers who are contributing their energy and time to us.

Organized by The Max Foundation & Max Family, with support from physicians; today everyone had a great day meeting up old friends and knowing know friends. Coming from different backgrounds, we are having a same objective – to life a better life, and being there to support each other to go through this journey.

Oct, the month of celebrate life for all in Max Family & The Max Foundation. Max, your courage and your spirit in never giving up hope always live in our heart.

Our dear physicians and nurses, you guys are the most important person to everyone of us – guiding us through treatment, management, towards a better quality of life. Thank You our physicians!

Caregivers – without your company and supports, we, will never ever able to walk through this path.

Every CML friends – you guys are the true heroes! Please tell yourself that you are the best, and you are doing great, and you will continue to do great.

Volunteers – You guys are the group that we appreciate the most – contributing your time, energy, spending your weekend with us. Thank You!

Life is Beautiful.


ajak said...

thank you for all involved and esp patients and their caregivers!!!

Fan said...

Thank you for all your help to brighten our Day!!!!