We Change Lives

Informational & Emotional Support:

We organize Let’s Sama-Sama patient-doctor gathering to increase patients’ understanding about their disease and treatment goals. Patient will be informed of the importance of treatment compliance, in turn leading to optimum treatment outcomes.

Experiences sharing among patients during the gathering can act as a form of strong emotional support as patients relate to each other and realize that they are not alone.

Financial Support:

Getting access to treatments is the basic right of everyone. At Max Family Society Malaysia, we are doing our best within our capacity to provide financial assistance to patients whose travel to hospitals are hindered by limited financial resources.

The support available depend on the donation 
contributed by the public.

Public Awareness Initiatives:

Although Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) is fairly treatable, CML survivors still suffer from social stigma.

Society can be unfamiliar with CML, leading to ignorance, stereotyping and discrimination.

We aim to change public perception towards CML to address guilt, shame, and fear experienced by CML survivors and the people around them.

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