Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4th Patient Congress For People Living With Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia And Multiple Myeloma, 6 April 2014, Kuala Lumpur,

The Max Foundation Malaysia and Max Family Society Malaysia, in conjunction with the 2014 Malaysian Society of Haematology (MSH) Conference, held its 4th Patient Congress for people living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and multiple myeloma (MM).

The Patient Congress featured educational sessions, support sessions, and opportunities for patients and caregivers to engage with physicians and with each other.

On April 6, 2014, over 80 people living with CML and MM attended the 4th Patient Congress at the Concorde Hotel, accompanied by caregivers, physicians and nurses. It was organized and facilitated by The Max Foundation Malaysia team, and held during MSH 2014. Max Family Society Malaysia, a local patient support group, was a co-organizer.

The Patient Congress featured a series of sessions to educate and inspire those in attendance, including several joint sessions and a concurrent session for diagnosis-specific education.

Topics included:

        Nutrition for patients
        Medication management and adherence – the best tool for empowerment is knowledge
        Safe Medication Saves Lives – know your medicine
        Treatment options for CML and newer drugs
        Bone health for MM patients

Sessions were conducted by the foremost experts from across Malaysia, and participants had opportunities to ask questions of each. The esteemed guest of honor was Y.Bhg. Dato’ Dr. Haji Azmi bin Sapie, Director of Medical Development Division in the Ministry of Health.

Speakers included:

        Dato Dr. Chang Kian Meng, National Head of Haematology Service and Head of Haematology Department, Hospital Ampang
        Dr. Haris Rahman, Haematologist at Sime Darby Medical Center
        Dr. Bee Ping Chong, Haematologist at University Malaya Medical Center
        Dr. Manmohan Singh, Orthopedist at Hospital Kuala Lumpur
        Ms. Tan Pei Lin, Pharmacist at University Malaya Medical Center
        Ms. Wong Wen Yin, Dietitian at Hospital Pantai Kuala Lumpur

Through this recurring Patient Congress, those living with CML and MM in Malaysia have had opportunities to expand their knowledge about their disease, learn about new treatments, ask questions of experts, meet others coping with the same things, and exchange experiences through networking with fellow participants.
Through these Congresses we hope that patients and caregivers will be empowered to take control of their treatment and their lives. This Patient Congress has served an important role and we – The Max Foundation, Max Family, and the participants as well as healthcare team hope to continue it into the future.

We would like to extend our special thanks to the everyone who has came together to make this congress a success - participants, speakers, Malaysian Society of Haematology, volunteers, organizing team as well as the VIPs who have spent the morning with us. 

Also not forgetting the sponsors of the 4th Patient Congress. This Congress was made possible through generous educational grants provided by Novartis, Janssen and Pharm-D.

For more photos of the day, visit Max Family facebook at https://www.facebook.com/maxfamilymalaysia

Thursday, February 6, 2014

1st announcement: 4th Patient Congress for People Living with Blood Cancers - CML & MM on 6 April 2014

Mark your date - 6 April 2014 (Sunday)!
8.30am - 4.00pm
Kuala Lumpur

Yes, The MAX Foundation, supported with Max Family Society Malaysia and Malaysian Society of Haematology are organizing the Patient Congress for People Living with Blood Cancer again this year.

If you are living with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma, do not miss this congress!

Click the flyer to take a closure look at the details.
Registration starts today, and closes on 17 March 2014. 

To register, please fill up 4th Patient Congress 2014 Registration Form. 
You can click here to download the registration form.

Seat for this congress is limited. It works on first-come-first-served basis.

Call MAX Malaysia office at 03-7726 9903 or write to us at maxmalaysia@themaxfoundation.org

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First 4 Cases Enroled in Sambung Sekolah on 4th February 2014, in conjunction with World Cancer Day!

Yes! The project team has enrolled the first four children in Sambung Sekolah today!

In conjunction with World Cancer Day 2014, we have made this happen – we have enrolled our first case in Sambung Sekolah, today.

In fact, not only first case. It is first FOUR cases.

With the effort from our key project team and partnering doctors, as well as the great support and trust from the fellow potential donors, we have moved the “dream” of Sambung Sekolah into an action, and real project.

We are happy to share key milestones and the current update status here:

We thank you, the adopters (individual from our community), in helping us, in putting Sambung Sekolah together.

For Potential Adopter who have not been approached by us, do not worry. We will reach out to you once we have an identified Subject (case), and will work with you on adopting process.

Notes: Coordinator is reaching out to Potential Adopter (people who has completed Borang 5 & returned to coordinator) base on chronological order (whoever signed up as potential adopter first will be appear at first on our list).

*             *             *             *             *
Cancer changes one’s life. 

While our partner doctors are treating the patient, we would want to let the needy patient aware that Sambung Sekolah is supporting their children to continue schooling.

Sambung Sekolah is initiated by Haematology Department (Hospital Ampang), The MAX Foundation and Max Family Society Malaysia; aiming to support children of cancer patients to continue schooling.

To know more about Sambung Sekolah, you can visit About Sambung Sekolah and Do not let them drop out from school

Monday, February 3, 2014

4th February - World Cancer Day

Counting Down - 1 more day to World Cancer Day, 4th February.

This year’s WCD theme is “Debunk the Myths”, and it focuses on Target #5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Dispel damaging myths and misconceptions about cancer. The campaign will center on the following myths and their related truths about cancer:

MITOS: Kita tidak bincang tentang kanser.
HAKIKAT: Walaupun kanser kadang-kala menjadi satu isu yang susah untuk disuarakan secara terbuka di sesetengah masyarakat, namun dengan membincangkan isu ini secara terbuka boleh membantu individu dan masyarakat mengatasi masalah ini dengan lebih baik dan berkesan.


在某些地方,癌症依然是一个禁忌话题。 有些人或许会认为癌症是难以启齿的疾病,但我们必须明白,只有通过坦诚的谈话和交流, 我们才能一起找到有效的办法,协助患者抗癌,进而为社区作出改变。让我们一起打破癌症的迷思

MITOS: Kanser tidak mempunyai sebarang tanda-tanda atau gejala.
HAKIKAT: Kebanyakan jenis kanser mempunyai tanda-tanda dan gejala di peringkat awal. Oleh itu pemeriksaan awal untuk mengesan kanser adalah penting dan tidak boleh dipandang remeh.



MITOS : Tiada apa pun yang boleh dilakukan dengan kanser.
HAKIKAT : Satu pertiga daipada kanser yang biasa dihidapi adalah boleh dicegah. Banyak perkara yang boleh dilakukan kepada individu dan masyarakat dengan pendekatan yang betul.



MITOS: Saya tidak ada hak untuk mendapat rawatan kanser.
HAKIKAT: Semua orang mempunyai hak yang sama untuk mendapat rawatan kanser yang tepat dan berkesan tanpa sebarang kesulitan.


您是否怀疑自己或他人无法获得癌症治疗? 事实上,癌症面前,人人平等。每个人都有权利通过正确的途径得到有效的治疗

Cancer touches everyone, direct or indirectly. 
Click http://www.worldcancerday.org/ for more information. Check out how you can be involved.

Monday, January 13, 2014

"Don't let them drop out from school" - Projek Sambung Sekolah

Are you ready to be part of the Projek Sambung Sekolah?

More info here -- http://www.maxfamily.org/2014/01/project-sambung-sekolah-support.html

If you are keen to be Adopter to support Sambung Sekolah, this is the copy of Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project "Sambung Sekolah" - Support Children of Cancer Patients to Continue Schooling

A major catastrophic illness like cancer can ruin a family’s financial status. A significant number of children of patients have difficulties in continuing their education due to financial constraints. 

We believe adequate education is an important element to maximize the achievement of an individual in life and we also believe that no-one should be denied the opportunity for education when a family member is affected by major illnesses.

This project is to identify children of patients (subjects) who need help, and to get voluntary individual/organization to support them at a quantum of RM100 for 12 months (RM1,200 in total per year). 

Sambung Sekolah is initiated by Haematology Department (Hospital Ampang), The MAX Foundation and Max Family Society Malaysia.

This project kicks start in mid-Jan 2014, we aim to enrol the first subject during 1 February 2014. 

About US...


v  Partner doctor identifies subject (kid) in need
v  Coordinator (Max Family Society Malaysia) will follow up to work out subject’s details
v  Coordinator does not collect donations in advance, and will contact potential adopter when a subject is identified  

v  Coordinator will follow up on subject's progression every six months
v  Coordinator will provide a summary feedback on status of subject annually to adopter and doctor
v  Duration of adoption: 12 months
v  Renewal of adoption: annually
v  Quantum: RM100 monthly x 12 months (One-off payment of RM1, 200 or 2 payments of RM600 every 6 months)
v  Coordinator does not charge any fee on managing the project, all the amount donated by adopter will be used to support the adopted child at the quantum of RM100 monthly x 12 months
v Subject and adopter identities will not be disclosed to each other. 

Keen to be an Adopter to support Sambung Sekolah?  

Please fill up Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment.

1) You click here to download the Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment Form
You can also write to us to get a copy of Borang 5


2) You can copy the following part which is in RED font, paste in your email body with required information and email to mymaxfamily@gmail.com. 
Please in your email with Subject Sambung Sekolah – Adopter Enrolment – [Your Name]” 

Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment

To be completed by potential Adopter.
Return the completed form to Max Family Society Malaysia via mymaxfamily@gmail.com or fax 03-7726 9903
You can also email to Max Family, providing the required information as stated below.
Please send in email with Subject “Sambung Sekolah – Adopter Enrolment – [Your Name]”

By filling up this enrolment form, I agree to:
Enrol as potential Adopter for Projek “Sambung Sekolah”.
Consent to the project coordinator, Max Family Society Malaysia to contact me when a subject (child) is identified.

My information

[    ] Individual                    [    ] Organization
Name                                    :
Occupation                           :
Age                                       :
Organization/company         :
Contact no                            :
Fax no                                  :
Email                                    :                                                                                              
State/Country                       :

I wish to adopt [       ] subject(s) under Projek “Sambung Sekolah” 

*We will keep your information strictly confidential. We will contact you when a subject is identified.
**Max Family Society Malaysia has applied for tax exemption for donations to our society, however, this is not yet been granted. We are currently still working on this matter.

Information Required in Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment
Copy of Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Phone / Fax: 03-7726 9903  

Monday, January 6, 2014

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