Friday, October 16, 2020

World Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Day 2020

Being diagnosed with CML is not easy. However, for the four brave CML survivors, they have took the extra mile to also advocate to the world that CML is not contagious, CML is not hereditary, and CML is not humiliating.

During the week of World Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Day, the four courageous CML survivors: Dr. Abd Razak Muhamad, Gan Li Li, Thilip Kumar and Rosmawati Sabli; have shared their story to the public community and shown appreciation to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, healthcare professional for their support throughout their CML journey.

The videos showcased the voice over recordings, sharing their story with photos of how they are maximizing their life and fulfilling their dreams, thanks to access to treatment, good monitoring and support from Ministry of Health and the healthcare professionals. I would say this path to advocacy wasn’t easy, it took these brave survivors years before they were fully ready to tell the world who they are and that they are living with CML.

Their videos were screened on digital advertising billboard 6AM – 12AM daily from 18 September – 26 September 2020 at the busy city center in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Sentral - it is the city busiest transportation hub in Kuala Lumper. It connects all the trains, buses, and transport interchange and is a prime location in capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Many people go through Kuala Lumpur Sentral every day. We did it! So proud!

They went to snap photo with their video on the digital advertising billboard:

Dr. Abd Razak Muhamad is the president of Max Family Society Malaysia, a local support group; leading the patient leader here. He is also a CML survivor of 14 years and is now an Orthopaedic surgeon and have his own family and 2 loving young adult children.

Gan Li Li is a committee member of Max Family Society Malaysia. She is now working as a Marketing Manager. I still remember the first time when she was diagnosed, she came to Max office with her mother, now she is so confident and living life the fullest compared to when she was first diagnosed 6 years ago.

Thilip Kumar is a student just graduated from his law degree. He is a 6 years CML survivor and now he is looking forward to step into the working society with full of hope. He always advocates and bring awareness on CML and Max Family Society Malaysia to his network and I remember dearly few years ago, he managed to convinced his University to have Max Family as one of the beneficiary for their campus marathon campaign and we had a booth in his University to bring awareness to students about CML.

Rosmawati Sabli a housewife taking care of her 4 children and always busy in in her farm planting fruits and vegetables – she always created interesting recipes and shares it in her Facebook. She has been living with CML for 10 years now. She is happy she is still able to do the things she like and able to see her children growing up.

They are all from different background, yet they are connected as one, with the goal to bring awareness about CML, Max Family and that cancer patients too can live a quality life with the access to treatment, good monitoring and support from stakeholders.

Watch their video here on Max Family Society Malaysia Facebook here:

Dr. AbdRazak Muhamad’s

Gan Li Li’s



These videos are made possible with the collaboration with Olliver (a patient leader from Kuala Lumpur, whom is a partner at an advertising company) and also Tony Leo (Malaysian singer and song-writer who is living with CML) and Juwita (from Tony Leo’s music company). Olliver managed to negotiate and advocate with his business partners to play these 4 videos in between interval of paid commercial advertisement for 30 seconds each video on two digital advertising billboards that the location.

We can make anything possible when we come together with ONE goal, ONE voice!

Happy World CML Day 2020!




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