Savian Fan and Dr Tan Sen Mui had a great opportunity to raising public awareness on 27 June 2016.

It all started with the strong patient support initiatives that build the courage and confidence of the patients. As a result, they are willing to step up sharing their inspiring stories to the public through mass media.

These stories create such an impact as it reaches far beyond the general public but to different representations such as NTV7.

This shows us a chain of impact, it starts with one thing and the impact goes continuously. That means YOU and ME, are part of this chain to make sure the cancer support doesn't stop here. Just like a production line that will be stopped when one function stops, WE need to play our roles.

What can we do to keep the impact going?
SHARE & TELL cancer stories.
INTRODUCE patient initiatives to new supporters.

So the chain of cancer support is getting stronger, and most importantly will not stop.

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