Monday, April 6, 2009

From Klang Valley to East Coast: Meeting Up Our Friends

We are reaching more and more people!

On 4 April 09, The Max Foundation together with Max Family Society Malaysia bringing our love and spirit to East Coast.

On 3 April 09 evening, after dinner, four of us travel with car for about 3 hours, bringing the spirit along, and eager to meet our friends in East Coast for the first time.

We were at the meeting venue as early as 8am. After setting up everything in place with Wei Meng as our leader, we knew we were ready for the meeting.

With the assistance from nurses, everyone entered to the meeting venue was greeted with warm big smile. Some of them were so shy and quiet at first, but after a few conversation engagement, everyone turned the place into a friendly room - we started to know each other, from stranger, now we become friends.

Sahimi and Fan did a great job to open to sharing session. Thereafter we had East Coast friends who stood up and shared their own testimonial - all are so inspiring, and encouraged everyone in the room to live better!

Dr Ahlam & Dr Zack delivered their lecture in a very simple and informal way, and participants were focus on the education learning, each and everyone wants to know how to take good care of themselves to be better.

The meeting ended up a delicious lunch, everyone went home with a big smile and warm heart!

Friends, you are not alone in walking through this journey, as you have us with you!


Anonymous said...

it is such an inspiring community once u set your feet in this know that u will never be alone...

Anonymous said...

very very inspiring and you are with the best group of people even u only knew them for the first time...