Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stand Up & Live for Life 2009, Penang 1 - 2 May 2009

On 1 - 2 May 2009, we have organized a CML patient camp in Penang, Malaysia.

This is jointly organized by The Max Foundation, Max Family Society Malaysia & Malaysian Society of Haematology, and supported by Novartis Oncology Malaysia.

Highlights of the 2-days 1-night camp:

  • Motivation session
  • Session on Expressing your thought through art
  • Testimonial sharing session
  • Education Session
  • Interaction session among all the participants

“Compliance” is the key message of this camp – Compliance in taking medication, and compliance in follow clinic appointment to ensure you are achieving optimal response in the treatment.

Mr Lee, the counsellor started the first session by boosting everyone up. The lively and fun session warmed up the room, and everyone engaged fully. He delivered his lecture through interactive games and group activities. Self-discipline, positive attitude, correct mindset, work towards your goal, determine, proactive and love are the key points successfully planted in participants’ mind during the first session.

In the evening, our CML survivor, Sahimi was leading the art session – “express your thoughts through colour”. Sahimi, an artist, and also one of the active leaders in Max Family group was doing a great job in this session. The first 10 minutes were rather quiet, just a blink everyone were managed to transfer their thought on paper via crayon, and then we were seeing everyone turned out to be amazing artist!

During the day 1 evening session as well, Mr Lee facilitated a testimonial sharing session. 6 of the participants from different background, having different roles in their life came up to the stage and shared their experience with all in the room. Everyone paid full attention to them, and one of the participant told me, “I am able to relate their experience to myself as I am also walking through this CML journey. It was tough without any supports, but now, sitting in this room knowing everyone is my family member giving me energy to go far!”

During Day 2, everyone was concentrating to education session.

Dr Ong, consultant haematologist told us about the history of CML, treatment, options, monitoring and also importance of compliance.

Ms SP Wong, pharmacist explained what is happening in our body after we take the medication. Why do we need to take the medication every day and should not miss any dose.

Before the participants formed small groups for further education session discussion with haematologists, everyone was given a hands-on experience learning how to set timer to the pill box, as reminder to take medicine every day.

The camp ended by group declaration session by patients, declaring and promising that they will be compliant in their CML management, and always want to achieve the best!

This meeting was very special with our great supporter, Pat’s visit. Pat is the Executive Director of The Max Foundation who has changed so many life around the world. Her endless support and love to all of us always encouraged us wanting to do our best in giving back to community.

Thank you Pat, thank you Max!

We would also want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has made this camp a success – The Max Foundation, Max Family Society Malaysia core group, Malaysian Society of Haematology, haematologists, pharmacist, nurses, volunteers, everyone of your who has participated in the camp, and also Novartis Malaysia. Thank you!

Special thanks to our great photographer friend, Andrew, who has helped us in snapping all the sweet memories.


Fan said...

I am very proud with the camp! It was a very good camp for patients and caregivers to learn and share together. Thank you to everyone who make this another great success camp.

Life is beautiful!

hakkameow said...

thank you ^.^

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the success of the camp.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a meaningful event :)

Coffy [cof-fai] said...


I had missed out another family gathering session. When reading the article, tears are running in my eye. So happy to see that Max Family is growing... all the family member are so nice...

All the best to all max family members.

MC said...

Batman & all - you guys are the real heroes!

Andrew & QN - saying thank you is just not enough to what you have done for us. You guys are just amazing!

KF - make sure you are coming to our next get together and work hard for us!

Praying for Dr Razak - hope he is getting better soon, and Wolf, we are there with you!