Monday, October 26, 2009

A Beautiful Saturday, 24 Oct, Celebration of Life in Kuala Lumpur

24 Oct 2009.

It was a beautiful Saturday.

It was a special day for Max Family friends and families – we came together to have Celebration of Life 2009.

We are survivors, we are fighters, we are advocates, we want to make our life better, we want to make your life better , we are proud of ourselves who are making a change in our community, slowly but steadily – to come together in unity, to life a beautiful life together!

As early as 815am, our friends started to arrived. Everyone was greeted by Malaysian famous teh terik to get our “ummmpphhhh” before the program of the day. I was so thrilled when seeing everyone being so comfortable to each other; our new friends immediately blended in the big family so well with the warm welcome with the old friends.

At 930am, we started of our program in this nice auditorium. Dr Razak being the President of Max Family started the program. He shared the story of early days when few of us started to have the idea of starting CML support group. It was back in July 2006. I still remembered vividly in my mind that we had our first meeting in old haematology clinic, 10 of us, spent the Saturday afternoon sharing the idea. I must specially express my thanks to my great colleagues – Pat & Viji, for helping us with the first step.

Dr Razak shared the history of MF formation, our achievement up to date, and share his own experience of what he received from this big family. Everyone was moved with the story and realized that every individual is not only a “recipient” but also a great “contributor”. You, every one of you who is reading this entry right now, every one of you that has came to our meeting, is a great contributor!

MC then shared the message of The Max Foundation (TMF). TMF has work very closely with MF in Malaysia for the past 3 years. We are so happy to see the growth of everyone in MF – the coping mechanism, the level of sharing, the way everyone support each other, the interaction and they have really created ONE Max Family. In this family, there’s no different in skin colours, languages or religion - everyone is part of the family.

Our best friend, Pat was there with us through her magic video massage; also sending us “Here Comes the Sun” video clip.

Through the message and also the video clip, TMF brought everyone closer to the Sun – the hope.

Hope to be better, hope to live cheerfully, hope to live a beautiful life. It also led us a way to how to achieve the hope – by uniting with everyone, everywhere in fight against cancer, no matter where we live today!

Next, Fan showed his experience from Ireland – Livestrong Global Cancer Summit in August 09. He shared the global cancer burden and how can we, the people in Malaysia be part of the Global Cancer Movement:

  • Be involved in the local patient support group activities
  • Invite your family members to take part in the patient group activities
  • Each time after patient workshop, share the knowledge you have learned with at least one person in your community to create awareness
  • Volunteer a little of your time, your energy and your heart to your patient support group
  • Take good care of yourself to make sure your health is in good condition

Fan also shared his visit to Ringaskiddy, plant where Glivec is made. The people are working 24 hours non- stop to make sure quality Magic Bullet is produced. How can their hard work and effort being appreciated? Simple, Be Compliance!

Everyone then took a break by starting the Champion activity – giving emotional support, appreciation and motivation through these little Champion stickers. This activity is now part our workshop in Malayisa.

After a little exercise, everyone again seated to pay attention to the education session. Our guest speaker of the day is Dr Haris, who is one of the great supporters of TMF and MF. After the main lecture, participants went into small groups, based on the medium of communication. The education session took about 1.5 hours. Questions were non-stopped from the floor and 2 ways communication was taking place. The haematologists and participants just love this informal interaction!

Before the highlight of the day (cake cutting), we were treated by saxophone solo performed by one of our young CML survivor, R. See, he is maximizing his life with his music!

Suddenly, the light in the auditorium went off. Nothing could be seen.

Then we heard of Happy Birthday music, and on the stage, Dr Razak was carrying a cake, walking out facing everyone. Surprise and applause and the auditorium turned into a sentimental, warm, lovely atmosphere.

“Happy Birthday Max”

“Happy Birthday to everyone who is living a beautiful life today!”

"Maximize Our Life!"


*雪莲* said...

This is a wonderful workshop, and I found that my door was keep knocking by somebody on that day, the door of my HEART.. And the person is YOU, I'm glad that I was there, and be with YOU~
Thank you for leaving me a sweet sweet memory.

Fan said...

Thank you Mc for this beautiful entry! It is very detail and refresh me again the moment we spent on this Beautiful Day. I was so glad to meet our old friends and some new friends. It was a great Life Celebration event! Thank you for all you spent your day with us and give us a Beautiful Saturday! Life Is forever Beautiful!