Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giving back to community: KL Charity Visit, Dec 09

Every end of the year, TMF Malaysia team, Max Family friends and volunteer will come together to organize a charity visit – “Giving Back to Community, Bringing Laughter & Love Around Us”.

This is the 3rd year of our annual tradition. We visited an orphanage in KL.

I want to specially thanks our project coordinator, S Liang for doing a great job for planning this visit and also managing all the contribution from all over the places!

20 of us – from TMF, MF and also volunteers, brought laughter & love to the kids, and at the same time, we received so much from them – their sincere smile, and hugs!

We had games session, birthday celebration and goodie bags giving; the highlight of the day was the drawing session. Every kid enjoyed the day so much, so did the organizing team.

Some photos to enjoy.

Everyone from TMF & MF would like to express our appreciation by telling you:

"Thanks to all who have contributed your love, your care, your heart to us -
the visit was a great success & we are so blessed seeing the love around us!

Have a happy, peaceful 2010 New Year.
We look forward for a great 2010, with your love in our heart."

You were not around to join the KL charity visit? Don't worry.

Max Family Penang Group is going to have the charity visit in Penang on 16 Jan 2010.
If you would like to contribute for the Penang charity visit, please feel free to drop us email at mymaxfamily@gmail.com or click here.

We will update you about the Penang Jan 16 Charity Visit soon!

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