Friday, February 12, 2010

Colors of Hope Gallery - Y2009 arts! Again, hear the voices, share the love!

Across regions and cultures, a cancer diagnosis has similar devastating effects: fear and isolation set in and the world as we know it is turned upside down. These events are followed by a deep desire to survive and a greater appreciation for each new day, the privilege of having our loved ones with us, and the power of being alive.

This collection of art by people diagnosed with cancer around the world beautifully shows the universal emotions around a cancer diagnosis, as well as the power of access to proper treatment and support. Most of the pieces were submitted by people living with cancer in developing countries. Through the featured art it is possible to appreciate the impact of the diagnosis and the importance of setting channels of access to treatment for cancer in these countries.

Each piece represents a person living with cancer and their courageous story of survival. Featured art has been collected through our annual Art Project. We are especially thankful to the many patient groups who partner with us in making this project a success.

Do your part to raise awareness: Share this story and invite your friends and family to see how people living with cancer worldwide are expressing themselves through art.

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