Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign - October 2010, Ready, Set, Go!

Yes, Max Family Society Malaysia will be part of this Maximize Life Global Awareness Campaign 2010, initiated by The Max Foundation.

We will kick start the activities in Malaysia by having the Celebration of Life party in Kuala Lumpur on 02 Oct 2010.

This year, through Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign, we aim at giving encouragement for people diagnosed with cancer, increase awareness of the needs of people diagnosed with cancer, decrease stigma of cancer,
and of course, we, at Max Family is celebrating our life, our new life which is now more fulfilling and productive - we want to tell everyone that we are Maximizing Our Life, we are able to do, and so do you!

Do join us in this campaign, and do write to us at to take part!

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ajak said...

maximize life wherever/whenever you are!!!!