Saturday, October 16, 2010

We go all out - Cancer Is Treatable. NO DISCRIMINATION.

This year, we go one step further, no only supporting the patients & caregivers in Max Family, but also the core group members go all out to our community, in the effort of creating awareness.

We want to tell people that "Cancer Is Treatable. NO DISCRIMINATION."

Today, diagnosed with cancer doesn't mean equal death;
it also doesn't mean the person is loosing working ability.

Everyone will be touched by cancer one day.

Do you want to see people that you loved being discriminate just because they have been diagnosed with cancer?

Do not discriminate people who is diagnosed with cancer, please give them an equal chance in the community.

How can you help?

- Find out the correct information about cancer from the healthcare professional.

- If you are an employer, please do not make pre-judgement before you evaluate the person's working ability & understand the disease condition.

- If you are not an employer, please help us in sending the message across: people diagnosed with cancer should also be having equal opportunities in the community.

- Get a copy of our Maximize Life campaign car sticker, put it on your car, and tell your friends to do the same.

- Send your supporting message at Maximize Life Tribute Wall, and add your name to World Cancer Declaration.

- Tell you friends to do the same!

We need to unite together, put effort together, to work towards a better cancer care.

We had the press conference while launching the campaign in Penang:

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