Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Donate a Book: A Gift of Courage to Young Cancer Survivors

With each copy of 

Maximo and the Big C donated, 

a piece of love and encouragement goes to our young cancer survivors

Childhood is supposed to be the happiest moment of one’s life. Cheerful memories were made, and, as a child, one has nothing to worry about at all.

Yet, some are not blessed with this gift. What our little cancer survivors currently facing is a devastating event, even to adults.

Get involved!

During the 2013 Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign, we invite you to be part of this initiative – make copy of Maximo and the Big C as the gift to our young cancer survivors in Malaysia.                                                                                  

    How To Get Involved?

Purchase a copy of the book, and we will represent you to give the copy as gift to young cancer survivors.
Each copy of the book is RM30. 

  To the young survivors, your gift is not just a book.

To them, it signifies a piece of love, a piece of encouragement, which came from someone who cares. This piece of caring heart, along with the main character "Maximo", shall accompany our survivors to face and walk the treatment journey with courage and dignity.

To participate, contact 03 7726 9903 or visit www.maxfamily.org

Jointly Organized by                                                                                Beneficiaries

 Institute Paediatrics
 Hospital Kuala Lumpur

 Department of Paediatrics,                  Hospital Pulau Pinang


Act NOW!

You can use any of these methods to donate copy of Maximo and the Big C:

1. Cheque, bank draft or
money order. Please address it to Persatuan Keluarga Max Malaysia”
2. Direct bank in to
Persatuan Keluarga Max Malaysia's Maybank account.
    Account no.: 5140 6633 7994                                                                 

send the completed form and the relevant payment documentation to us, via:

1. Fax: 03 7726 9903     or
Email:  mymaxfamily@gmail.com     or
Mail to
    Persatuan Keluarga Max Malaysia
    Unit 1302, Lobby 1, Block A
    Damansara Intan,
    No.1, Jalan SS20/27,
    47400 Petaling Jaya,                                                                

Please do not mail cash. The organizers will not be responsible for any lost or stolen cash.

If you need a receipt, please specify in the relevant column, the organizers will issue a receipt for you after verifying statement from the bank.

Besides donating Maximo and the Big C to the young cancer survivor, you could also purchase one copy for yourself, reminding yourself and people around you to bravely face fears and challenges, living a content and meaningful life that belongs to you!

Donate a book flyers in Bahasa Malaysia (PDF Format)

Donate a book flyers in English  (PDF Format)

Donate a book flyers in 华文 (PDF Format)

For any inquiries, please contact 03 7726 9903 or mymaxfamily@gmail.com

This is how "Maximo and the Big C" looks like. 
We have English, Malay and Mandarin version.


Anonymous said...

Lovely project! I want to be part of this! Fly, Maximo!

Anonymous said...

Great project!