Friday, August 1, 2014

Projek Sambung Sekolah as of July 2014 : Month-6 update since project launching in February 2014

“We believe adequate education is an important element to maximize the achievement of an individual in life and we also believe that no-one should be denied the opportunity for education when a family member is affected by major illnesses including cancer.”

Thus we initiated Sambung Sekolah, hoping to benefit the needy families, especially children of cancer patients to prevent them from discontinue schooling due to financial constraint.

Sambung Sekolah was launched in February 2014, in conjunction with World Cancer Month. 
It now 6-months old, and we are proud to keep everyone updates of the progress:

  • subjects are enrolled thus far, all 7 of them are still in this project.
  • Coordinator team is in touched with the subject’s families as well as their treating physicians on at least monthly basis.
  • Positive response and feedback received from subjects, families as well as treating physicians.


The coordinators and the partnering physician team are evaluating the pilot project progression at the moment, and we are working to expand this project and its sustainability after one year’s pilot run.

We thank you – all the supporters, who are supporting this project, do stay tune and we will keep you update about Sambung Sekolah.

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