Monday, May 23, 2016

We All Can Take Action

The man behind the hard work in UKM Cancer Awareness Campaign, Thilip Kumar Ragavan. Thilip has been stepping up from his diagnosis in 2014 to the agent of change. He is a cancer advocate in his sphere of influence, educating his friends and now expand to public.

When we hear everyone could make a difference in the world, often we find it is not possible. We forget the very important fact: All changes in the world start within us.

Thilip has demonstrated that it all started from us . For one of his university assignments, he decided to do more for cancer community. He put  UKM Cancer Awareness Campaign, together with his other classmates of first year Law in UKM. They have proven the cancer support can start from their university, in fact EVERYWHERE and we can start NOW.
In these 10 years, it is nothing more rewarding than seeing how cancer support could transform our patient community. They come forward courageously and use their voices to make changes in their own circle of influence.   
It shows in order to strengthen the cancer support initiatives, everyone needs to take part. Raising awareness can be done utilizing our own platforms, our voices are important in reducing the misconceptions about cancer.

We are also thankful to have receive donation from UKM Cancer Awareness Campaign as the main beneficiary, we want to thank each one of you who has supported the cancer community.

Enjoy some of the photos from the run yesterday at UKM Bangi yesterday.If you need a bit of inspiration on patient initiatives you can see what Max Family is doing.

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