Thursday, September 22, 2016

Celebrate World CML Day 9/22: Today, Together!

Today, we are together to take a stand, share our needs and raise awareness! 
Today is World Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Day.The Max Foundation and My PCR  join the global CML community in increasing awareness about the need to monitor CML treatment and the right of every patient to know their test results.

The CML survivors from Malaysia expressed their gratitude to their doctors and pathologists who have been empowered CML community with hope and dignity! Today we live, Together we fight!

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia is not contagious and is not inherited.
Cancer patient stories are voices of truth and power, crucial in empowering the general public understanding about rare cancers.Better understanding of cancer can decrease the stigma about the cancer patients, and can address the challenge of late diagnosis in rare cancers. Their stories could CHANGE the landscape of cancer care.

Their stories are NOT just stories, but a powerful method to create impacts for better quality cancer care.
Today is also a perfect day to applause the cancer patients and their relatives for courageously sharing the journey in living their best life. The courage is what inspires the cancer community to do better and better, thank you for sharing your courage with all of us. Not to be forgotten, every one who plays their important roles in improving cancer support. From the dedicated healthcare team, big - hearted volunteers and generous supporters from all walks of life. 

"Today, Together," we can do our best for all cancer patients worldwide.You might be asking: "How can I be part of this movement?" You can SHARE this post, as simple as that :)

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