Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Projek Sambung Sekolah: Transform the Lives of Cancer Patients


30 children of blood cancer patients have been able to attend 8900 school days since February 2014 through Projek Sambung Sekolah (or The Max Schooling Project).

Inspired by the belief that education can transform life, Projek Sambung Sekolah's goal is to enable children of cancer patients to finish their school education shaping them to become positive change-makers in their families. Projek Sambung Sekolah also an initiative to demonstrate people living with cancer deserve equal opportunities particularly in basic rights such as education. 

Projek Sambung Sekolah was initiated by the Hematology Department of Hospital Ampang in partnership with The Max Foundation and Max Family Society Malaysia in 2014. We work with doctors and adopters all over Malaysia helping to empower the children. With your generous donation, we will reach out more children so that they can achieve their full potential.

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