Thursday, October 13, 2016


Cancer is not just a diagnosis, it is a life-changing event. Cancer patients and their families experience unique burdens, especially in emotional and financial aspects. The inception of the Projek Sambung Sekolah in 2014 by the Hematology Department of Hospital Ampang in partnership with The Max Foundation and the Max Family Society Malaysia aims to help reduce the financial burden faced by the cancer patients.
Inspired by the belief that education can transform life, Projek Sambung Sekolah's goal is to enable children of cancer patients to finish their school education shaping them to become positive change-makers not only in their families but also in their communities.

On October 9 in MBO Cinemas, Citta Mall Ara Damansara Max Family Society Malaysia teamed up with The Max Foundation to host the Sharing Through Movie in conjunction with the annual #MaximizeLife2016. This event featured the Projek Sambung Sekolah.
Sharing Through Movie is an immersion for the audience to know what it is like for patients to live with cancer. The wife of a blood cancer patient shared how cancer changes their life. She was a housewife before her husband was diagnosed with cancer. It made her started working due the loss of income.
"I'm thinking that nobody will take care of my children, so I need to be strong to support the family."

Projek Sambung Sekolah hopes to help as many unique children as we could to realize their potentials.Before the movie shown (Pete's Dragon), everyone was treated to an amazing Sepak Takraw demonstration from one of the Projek Sambung Sekolah's kids named Nizam, a 16 year old teenager together with two members of the audience. Nizam is an active sepak takraw player since he was 8 years old and he once represented Selangor.
When asked about what's his dream,

"I want to become a policeman. I also want to represent Malaysia in Sepak Takraw."

The day would not be possible without all the supports from the courageous cancer survivors,dedicated healthcare team, generous donors and the hardworking Max Crews (volunteers). Your contribution today will shape the future of the children.

We hope nothing more than the community will have a better perception of their roles in the cancer support. Next time when we meet cancer survivors, we know that cancer is beyond treatment. We can ask ourselves how we can help them.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

A perfect quote from Rumi to start taking action today.


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