Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer Touches Everyone.Our Future Together.

We Change Lives

1. Informational & Emotional Support: Patient Gathering

The patient gatherings increase patient understanding about their disease and treatment goals. They can then understand the real reasons to be compliant with their treatment, in turn leading to optimum treatment outcomes.
Living testimonials are the primary source of emotional support, as they are more identifiable to the patients. Sharing and listening to each other’s experiences help patients realize that they are not alone.

2. Financial Support: Projek Sambung Sekolah

We believe the children shouldn't be denied school education due to any circumstances, including when their parents are being affected by blood cancer. We want to do our bits to fight for their equal opportunities.

We assist the children of blood-cancer patients who need financial aid to continue schooling. This effort is made possible by financial support from voluntary donors.

3. Address Misconceptions about Cancer: Public Awareness Campaign

Although medical treatment has advanced, cancer survivors and their families are still facing great stresses: education opportunities, job seeking, marriage, social life, and fear of recurrence.
Fear of cancer is ingrained in everyone in society. People are fearful because they are unfamiliar with the diseases leading to ignorance, stereotyping and discrimination.
Together we need to change the public mindset to address guilt, shame, and fear felt by the cancer survivors and the people around them.

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