Friday, February 3, 2017

#WeCanICan on 4 Feb 2017 World Cancer Day

                        How #WeCanICan play our roles?

People living with cancer and their families, friends, and caregivers can be powerful advocates for others dealing with the disease. By sharing their own story, cancer survivors can help others by reducing the fear and stigma around the disease that often deter others from seeking care and support.

Individuals can also be part of the wider conversation on cancer policy through engaging in public campaigns, communicating with decision-makers, and joining with consumer support groups to ensure the patient’s voice is heard.

Access to effective and quality cancer care is for every cancer patient, across all economic/financial circumstances. Of equal importance is to address the affordability of care to protect individuals and families from financial hardship as a consequence of out-of-pocket expenses.

We can advocate for improved access to cancer treatment and services across the care continuum.

Joining forces to create innovative and multisectoral partnerships is a key step in strengthening cancer advocacy efforts.

By uniting around common goals and aspirations, the global cancer community can leverage the complementary skills, knowledge, and spheres of influence of each partner to increase the quality of the cancer treatment and care.

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