Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Max Crew of The Month: March 2017

We want to celebrate all the efforts from our volunteers, Max Crews. Coming from different backgrounds and walks of life don't stop them from sharing their values.Every month we like to recognise one volunteer in particular, who has shown an exceptional level of commitment. Picking just one volunteer every month is no easy feat. Max Crew of March goes to.....Li Li!!

Li Li is a CML patient, diagnosed in 2014. She joined Max Family in the same year she’s diagnosed and she has been actively involved in our activities over the years - she helped out for patient workshops, she joined Max Family monthly meetings, she attended Rising Sun conference etc., and this July, she will be climbing Mt. KK with the global team. Clearly, nothing can stop this petite lady from being powerful! Apart from her contribution to the patient community, what makes her even greater is her cheerful personality that makes people like to be around her. I’m sure if you get to meet her, you are gonna love her too!

Let’s get know her better from our short interview recently:

Do you remember the first time ever you volunteered with Max Family? 

“Honestly, not really. I remembered I started doing invitation calls to patients, then supportive participation in workshops and paeds ward visits & finally managing visits to childrens' homes & LSS workshops. Initially, I was a passive volunteer standing on the outside but I would like to think that I'm in it deeper now. There will be up and down moments, and I know that Max Family will always be supporting in every way.”

What is your favorite part of volunteering? What do you find rewarding? 

“ That "ahah" moment when you see a patient pulling themselves out of the rut! and thru volunteering, i find myself becoming less self-centered, less selfish when you set apart some of yourself for others.”

Can you tell a bit about your experience coordinating Let’s Sama-Sama for the first time (She was the coordinator for the recent Let’s Sama-Sama CML in TTDI park)? 

“It was a bit stressful as work was getting busy and I had another community project going on. Certain moments I felt I was spiralling but Yein & the Max Girls were always there to pick up what I couldn’t cover. Secretly, I love organising such "parties", esp for newly diagnosed patients to find an anchor with Max & hopefully set them towards a good start.”

Any final words for those who are interested to volunteer in the cancer patient support group? 

“Volunteering is an easy way to get involved in practical conservation, in this case it's helping patients to lead a fulfilling life as possible within their boundaries. Put yourself up and expect nothing in return. The reward comes when you see the expressions of happiness, clarify & positivism on the faces of the patients.”

As the interview ended, I am eagerly waiting for the next surprise from Li Li. What’s more important, she’s putting other patients first.

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