Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Climb Series: Dr Abd Razak Muhamad

Conquering fear as a cancer patient is never easy. The Max Global Experience - Mount Kinabalu Climb this July is to symbolise that everyone is in the cancer journey together. Just like we need the team members to succeed the climb, we also need everyone to play their roles in cancer life.

Meet one of the climbers, 
Dr. Abd Razak. He recalled the brief time when he had deep concerns following his Chronic Myeloid Leukemia diagnosis in 2006. But his fear started to disappear when he understands more and more about his disease and treatment.

Dr. Abd Razak and other friends are determined to helping cancer patients to conquer their fear and to relive their forgotten dreams.

"Live your life where you are now. Plan and manage your life one step at a time while keeping your dreams alive"

We all know how fear can hold us back. Conquering fear in the cancer journey needs helping hands.

Donate today to help people to face their cancer diagnosis with dignity and hope in Malaysia.

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