Thursday, June 8, 2017

Max Crew of The Month: June 2017

We’re all gifted with something. No matter what our talents are, the most important thing is to share our talents with the rest of the world. That is what Min Han doing. “The man behind the camera lens”, he is known for that. Min Han has joined Max Family since 2015 and he has been actively involved in our activities over the years mainly as our volunteer photographer.

Nevertheless, since last year, his role is more than a photographer. His passion in people and pleasant personality make him a great facilitator, helping out for patient workshops. Last May, together with other Penang Max Crews, he coordinated Let’s Sama-Sama.
Let’s find out more about him from our short interview.
Do you remember the first time ever you volunteered with Max Family?
Yes, my first time ever volunteered with Max Family was during Walk for CML in 2015 (As an event photographer).
What is your favorite part of volunteering? What do you find rewarding?
My favorite part of volunteering is to be able to communicate with the patients, understand their problems and be able to capture their precious moments with my skills. I always feel rewarding went ever a patients smiles and stay strong.
Can you tell a bit about your experience coordinating Let’s Sama-Sama for the first time with other Penang Max Crews?
It gives me a great experience, I feel close to all patients and we get a long very fast as the environment gives us a non-formal feeling. Being able to know we have patients as young as teenager yet they stay strong with support of their parents and siblings.
Can you share your memorable volunteering experience?
My most memorable experience are knowing new patients make an effort to join us at Let's Sama - Sama at early hours and some from a distance away.
As the interview ended, we know deep down Min Han will only move forward to share more of his gifts.

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