Monday, August 28, 2017

Max Crew of The Month: August 2017

When it’s true that an individual has potentials for great things, working collectively will amplify the impact. For that, we are always grateful for our Max Crew no matter who they are and where there are from. Without them, there is no way we could expand our support to cancer patients.
We are honored to have Chew Quei Nee from Penang as our Max Crew of The Month! She has been with us many years, as our backbone in Penang together with the rest of Penang Max Crew. Her composure and professionalism are truly the assets in supporting cancer patients in Penang.
“She has been with us in almost every event preparation activities. She is also the key person that organize and support the activities. She also helped to drive some of the idea exploration in most of the preparation activities,” as described by Poh Tiong, our patient leader in Northern Region.
This year marks her 8 years of contribution to Max Family especially in Penang. Those years are fulfilling and memorable for her in making difference to the lives of patients. Last May, together with other Penang Max Crews, she coordinated Let’s Sama-Sama. She described the experience as invigorating and rewarding.
Quei Nee enjoys the fact that she has opportunities to do good deeds and making new friends from different walks of life. At the end of our interview, she left us with food for thought:
“It is never too late to start. The journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step.”
As for us here in Max Family, we are grateful to have a committed Max Crew like her, we know we can go far.

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