Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Let's Sama-Sama CML Penang, 29 April 2018

Something different for Let's Sama-Sama this year in Penang as we had our patient-doctor meeting at a food court by the beach side for the first time ever! Standing next to the beach, we did some warm up exercise following the lead of 2 volunteers before we proceed with the sharing session with the doctors. 3 doctors from Hospital Pulau Pinang were kind enough to join us at this meeting and each lead a group discussion with the patients on issues related to CML. Doctors and patients were also treated to some local Penang food that we prepared after the meeting. So happy to see everyone going back with better understanding on CML and a stomach full of good food! 
Best Max Crew Penang 2018

Best Max Crew Penang 2018 Award goes to Pey Jiuan, who is not a cancer patient herself nor a cancer patient caregiver, but has volunteered her time over the past few years with Max Family serving the cancer patient community. 
Let's Sama-Sama CML Kuantan, 30 June 2018

After 3 years, we finally got the chance to hold a patient-doctor meeting again in Kuantan. The meeting was held at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan with 2 hematologists and a dietitian as the guest speakers. Topics such as diet for a CML patient, side effect management, family planning and social stigma were addressed during the group discussion with the hematologists. Patients were tested for the knowledge about CML with a quiz after the session with the doctors and the winners won themselves some snacks as a gift. It was good to see new patients drawing strength from meeting like this and to meet some familiar faces again after 3 years!   
Best Max Crew Kuantan 2018

Cikgu Sidek, who is the father of his son, a CML survivor, has won the Best Max Crew Kuantan 2018 Award. He is the patient group leader in Kuantan and has been helping Max Family in organizing patient-doctor meetings and other activities in Kuantan for many years. 

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