Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Personal Note from Prescilla

​Happy world CML day everyone!


We would like to share a writing from Prescilla. We noticed her during one of our "Let Sama-Sama" programs. At that time, we invited her to be the facilitator of the program and impressed how well and articulate she's during the session - from there as well, she shares her experience to be diagnosed with CML when she was only 11, back then in 2008. In conjunction with CML day, we reached her - to learn more on her experienced, what motivates her to stay positive along her CML journey. So here is Prescilla's experience and wise word for all of us. 


I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in 2002, when I was 11. However, back then I was so carefree even after the diagnosis because I was too young to understand. However, I can vividly remember the faces of my parents when they received the news. It was a very hard time for them and it took more than a year for them to accept the fact and to function back in their routines.

As I grew up older, up until I was 20, the fear in facing the future started to exist. Multiple times I got my hands sweating while waiting for my blood test result or before seeing my doctor. There was a time when I got overwhelmed and broke down in tears too when the thought of uncertainties rushed in. As time passes by and witnessing myself progressing from one phase of life into another, I pray to God so that I have eyes that see that there is so much life beyond my diagnosis; to worry less and focus on things that I can control – which is taking my medicine on time and going to my regular check-up. I make sure I can participate in life such as spending time with nature, reading good books especially on topics about self-help, psychology and sociology – friends, you may suggest a book about these topics too.

Fast forward from that moment to present time, I might not be able to write down every single thing here but I will summarize my whole experience in three words – all better now. The diagnosis might be bad but life is good and truly a gift. It is a gift that shouldn't be wasted by worrying about tomorrow or the things that are beyond our control. Instead, let's look within us, count the blessings and focus on the things that we can control. I am grateful now because of this journey with CML, I appreciate life more and it is a must to use the gifted time wisely.

A message to my fellow fighters, life goes on no matter what. Let's participate in a purposeful life and always take good care of ourselves by complying with our doctors advises. Learn to grow through it all and always look on the bright side of life. Don't forget to be kind to our doctors and nurses too.

A thank you message to my doctors, nurses, and any healthcare providers especially at Sarawak General Hospital. I can't thank them enough for their kindness, care and time contributed in helping us as their patients to get better. I hope they can always make time to unwind and taking good care of themselves.

Last but not least, to my Max Family, I am really grateful to know the family. Thank you for your presence, supports and encouragements. It makes this journey much more bearable with doses of hope that you infuse within us. I hope the family to remain strong and remain in a good health.

To end this, I shall say that we might couldn't find the best answer to our big WHY it happens to us but we shouldn't let any circumstances to stop us in pursuing a meaningful life. As life must go on, let's keep pressing forward and live kindly day by day.

With love – Prescilla  

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