Saturday, July 26, 2008

Colours of Hope Workshop 28 July 08 - It was so great seeing you guys!

Today we had another great session again - it was so good to meet our old friends, and also knowing new friends who are having a common goal.

We would like to say BIG THANKS to participants who attended the workshop,
to physicians who had contributed their time and share their professional knowledge with us;
the counselor who have contributed his time and conducted the 3 hours motivation session; nurses and hospital staffs who have supported us in all possible ways;
volunteers who have spent their who day with us running around making sure things were all going on smoothly;
organizing team and every each of you who has been so supportive, and keep inspiring us!

Don't forget our next workshop!


Fan said...

Congratulations!!!It was a wonderful Workshop!

ajak said...

congrats MAXFAMILY!!!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are deeply touched by all Maxfamily workshop. Congratulations once again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Din - hope everyone come together and together we can do more and better for all our friends!

tonyleomusic said...

I had so much fun that day! :D