Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Journey

Life Begin After CML by Jat
(Taken from first Issue of Max Family Newsletter on 2007)

One would think that having been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) would mean the end of the world for me, or anyone for that matter. What more when it was told to me on the morning of my 36th birthday. The irony of it!

As would any sane human being would be, I was devastated that day, but only for that day. Having very supportive friends and family quickly drove me out of the rut. Many suggestions came about as I'm sure all of us have experienced such as "Tongkat Ali", Noni fruit, Horses' milk (!) just to name a few. A well meaningful and much appreciated.

For me personally, CML has brought me happiness, lots of it. You could say, CML is my lucky charm. You must think I'm crazy ... out of my mind! How could having CML be good?

How? I opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart. I opened them up to the positive things around me.

A month after I was diagnosed, I met a girl that was to become my wife after 37 years of being single, thanks to my best friend's last ditch effort. Mind you, many have tried to get me hitched. Many have given up. Starting with dates at the hospital ward in January 2006 our relationship quickly blossomed and we proposed to each other on Valentines day that year, a day after her birthday. We got engaged in April 2006 and married in June 2006. The best gift of all, by early September my wife and I have a son. Unbelievable! It is a risk, but it's something my wife and I willing to take. I just can't describe with words of the feeling I have. It is just out of this world!

I made new friends, the Max Family core members. My new family. A group of like minded friends with the same objective ... to live, because we can, to have hope because there is, and to help other CML patients realize the fact. After 2 Max Family events, the family has increased to include all of you. It was also amazing to have met Pat, the co-founder of The Max Foundation, in person but also Viji, Ayeshah, Wirat, and Nelia, the Max Stations for India, Thailand and the Philipines. I would also like to thank TMF and Novartis for the Glivec International Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP).

It just goes to show you that if we open our eyes, mind, and heart, we can always find the good that has came out of having CML. Before CML, I was a loner, alone, with nothing much to shout about in my life. After CML, I have so much to looks forward to, and so many friends to call my family.

No matter how hopeless life seems, there's always hope. To lose hope is to lose everything.

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