Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love and the MF’s spirit from KL to historical city Malacca!

Yes, yesterday, 25 July 2009, we were there meeting our friends of CML in this lovely little town.

We spent good 5 hours together in the seminar room, shared and learned from each other.

Fan, the first representative from MF, shared his story with everyone in the room. One by one, everyone stood up, introduced themselves to all in the room. It was a great ice-breaking session to all, especially in the freezing room!

Dr YK Guan, the speaker of the day, led the education session with participants. He was one of the best speakers that we ever had. Through his excellent explanation and sense of humour,

everyone was engaged with the session, and I must admit that it was the first time ever I sat in the room listening to the whole education presentation with full attention. Thanks Dr Guan!

After the learning session, participants were introduced to the Champion Project which was just being launched on18 July. The main objective of the Champion Project is to encourage everyone to appreciate people has never failed to provide support along the CML journey.

Everyone enjoyed recognizing and being recognized as the Champion!

Meeting up with old friends, like Zaidi, Richard, Kak Midah, Johari; and knowing new friends were the most valuable moment for us – because we all know, supports and love doesn’t stop when we go home, it fact, it will grow in each of us!

I would like to dedicate my deepest appreciation and thanks to these people, who volunteered their time and energy, traveling after their work to help out in the meeting:

Fan & Eleen, Matron Tan, Hakkameow & Wei Yin, Dr Guan, and also Wei Meng – thanks guys!

To the Malacca team – Dr Lim, SN Tay & her dedicated team.

Also Dr Razak, Sahim, Mas & Pat who were there with us in spirit.

Thank you guys! Without each of you, we wouldn’t able to have a beautiful day yesterday.


Fan said...


This was a great event, although it was
a small group and everyone got chance to share, learn and interact with each other. The entire event flow just nice. I personally like the CHAMPION session after education/Q and A but before went for lunch, everyone stand up and give Champion support sticker to everyone, so warm the feeling to me and others. We are in the warm and harmony family.

Max Family Boleh!!!!

pakngah said...

yup... maxfamily surely boleh!!