Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life Celebration during Oct 09 - Let's come together to make a difference!

You are not ALONE!
You have us around!

In the month of Oct, we will be having Life Celebration in different cities in Malaysia, joining The Max Foundation's spirit, to honour you as cancer survivor, as caregiver, as supporter and to raise awareness of cancer, in particular, of CML.

"You are not a patient, but a person living with CML, with good qualify of life".

Let's come together;
Let's celebarate our life.

These are the confirmed Life Celebration events which will be happening in Malaysia.

Oct 4th - Penang
Oct 24th - Kuala Lumpur
Oct 31th - Johor Bharu

Should you need any details, please feel free to contact us. Write to

See you soon!

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pakngah said...

makan time...hehe
see u there