Thursday, October 1, 2009

October - CML Awareness Month!

Everyone is the survivor,
everyone is the fighter!

A very special month not only for you and me, but for all - October, the CML Awareness Month.

This month, we come together to celebrate our life,
we come together to reduce the feeling of isolation,
we come together to support each other,
we come together to raise awareness in our community.

Do a little a day, everyone contribute a little of your time, a little of your love, a little of your heart - and we will have so much as a group!

Mark the Celebration of Life meetings in your calender:

4th Oct - Penang
24th Oct - Kuala Lumpur
31th Oct - Johor Bharu

Max Family's Celebration of Life events are among the 3 out of 35 celebrations that will be taking place around the world.
Be part of the global awareness movement!

You can be part of this global awareness campaign to support our survivor friends, no matter where you live! Go to October CML Awaress Month now.

Tell your friends about this global movement, this beautiful effort - together, we can make things happen!

Cheers to all!

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Fan said...

You are not alone!!! Let's join us to spread this awareness campaign. Life Is Beautiful!