Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Over the weekend in Kuching - Our voices are being heard!

Some of you are aware that Max Family and The Max Foundation team was in Kuching during the long weekend.
Not for vacation, but for our mission - reaching out to patients, reaching out community to create awareness.

What kind of awareness?
We want to tell community that you, can contribute to cancer care, too.

There're a lot of ways you can support cancer care.
One of them is through giving your supporting message to cancer survivors, support the World Cancer Declaration and do not discriminate people living with cancer.

Give your support today by visiting The Max Foundation Tribute Wall.

Our awareness activity drew local press attention, and these are the published stories:

By Borneo Post, Max Foundation in S/wak to collect messages

By The Star, CML patient's dilemma

You, can contribute to the cancer support, too!

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ajak said...

congrats MF and TMF team!!