Friday, October 21, 2011

19 Oct - We remember Max

19 Oct is always the special day for all of us - Max's birthday.

Max touches so many of our life around the world, and here I would like to share a message from our dear friend from Malaysia, Anisah, deep from her heart:

Anisah Lim, Malaysia - October 19, 2011

"Dear Max Family On this earth, nothing is more precious than having a life and live it to the maximum no matter how brief it may be! Gracious is Our Lord! My family and I would like to extend our many many thanks and birthday wishes to Max who offered his life to God for the many many many lives out here in this world today. This precious gift God Sent through you the Max Family shall always be remembered by every life the the Max Family has touched and saved. Thank you so much. Syukur, Allahamdullillah! Anisah Lim"

To read more, you can visit The Max Foundation Website at
or click here

Thank you for everyone of you out there - thank you for being together, thank you for giving yourself to your community, to the person in need, together, we will able to make it - improving lives of the people living with blood and rare cancers worldwide.

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