Thursday, October 27, 2011

ELN Recommendation in CML Management: Do you understand?

Dear Friends,

Some of you might have full understanding about the ELN Recommendation in CML Management; but there might be too technical for some of our friends.

Jan, an active advocate from Germany sending me this updates today:

we are all aware that CML treatment guidelines, and milestones to be achieved by patients when on TKI therapy, are often not well understood by patients. Some while ago, a workgroup of European CML patient groups, supported by BMS, have engaged to produce a patient-friendly summary of the ELN Recommendations for treatment and monitoring of CML. The group includes Felice, Mina, Euzebiusz, Tony, Jana, Giora, Jan de Jong, me, plus three CML experts.

On 9/22, we had published these patient-friendly summaries in English, German and Italian, which you can find here (both in HTML for online viewing, as well as PDF for printout):

Additional versions in Czech, Spanish and French are underway, but have not been published yet due to regulatory restrictions. I also assume we will update the summary documents, once updated ELN treatment recommendations will be published by the ELN in 2012.

I hope these prove helpful - feel free to re-use them as you like. Any feedback from your side would of course be very appreciated - also suggestions what we could do in the next revision.

Best wishes

For your reading, please visit here.

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Tan said...

2012 there'll be latest ELN guideline.

Thanks for sharing.