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When Maximo Met Little Champions at University Malaya Medical Center on 14 Nov 2013

After Maximo has returned from Penang end of Oct, he has made his trip to UMMC at Kuala Lumpur last week, morning of 14 November.

The event was a special one. Why?

Well, because, firstly, a few of our strong supporters - Esther, En Aziz and Pn Fauziah, YC and BL have joined us this time. It was also the first time *real* Maximo session for our Wei Meng and Laura. Dr Razak, MC and Yee Jia were there as well working together organizing the session.

Esther meeting En Aziz, exchanging information. 

Sayyid and Wei Meng, final confirmation

The Team!

Yee Jia, the photographer of the day

Who did Maximo meet on 14 Nov at UMMC?

He was there to meet with the little champions and their parents from Paediatric Haematology-Oncology Unit, UMMC. This is the unit treating children living with blood or other cancers. 

Thanks to Prof Hany, head of unit; Sayyid, Project Manager from this unit; Ward Sisters and nurses team, as well as UMMC PR Department for granted approval and facilitating us, in making this session possible.

*                             *                             *                             *

Morning program run down & meeting one of our supporters for the very first time

Organizing team was there by 830am on that morning. 
Laura did a great job in briefing everyone of the program run down and final station confirmation. 

We were happy to meet Esther for the first time! 
Surprisingly, Esther appeared to be very familiar with our story – about Maximo, about what we did in Kota Kinabalu and Penang for previous sessions. Esther is one of the supporters helping us to make 50 copies of Maximo books as gift to children during this year’s campaign. Apparently, she has 20 years experiences working as a kindergarten teacher. Esther is a pleasant lady, easy going, and most importantly, she has a loving heart!

Program run down by Laura. Yes, serious work. 

*                             *                             *                             *

Little Champions coming in...

The registration team greeted everyone who came with big smile and warm welcome. Everyone received their Maximo name tag and Maximize Life wristband while coming in. Welcome, little champions. You guys are the brave little ones.

From L - R: Laura, Pn Fauziah, Esther

BL helps with Maximo name tag

Oh one very special event took place that morning. Dr Razak met his old schoolmate in front of the registration table! What a co-incidence. Now, I believe this more – everything happened with a reason.

Nothing stopped our little champions joining in the session. Although some of them needed to come in wheelchairs, or bringing their drips, just had taken blood by pricking the little fingers… all these are not the obstacles. 

*                             *                             *                             *

Dr Razak led the story telling

No one can do a better job than our very own President of Max Family, Dr Razak. For those who don’t know, he is the translator of Malay version of Maximo and the Big C.

This time, Dr Razak brought along a toy which looked like Maximo J Can you see that?

"He is out from the box!"

Pseudo-Maximo is listening to Maximo Story :-) 

We were a bit playful that morning and wanted to have some special effects – for the scene where Maximo flew down to save the baby sparrow from Big C’s attack.

Can you guess who is who from the below shots?

Yes, without realizing, Maximo knows how to fly now! When he focuses on helping the others, he has helped himself too!

Every kid in the room promised to be as brave as Maximo after the story telling. 
Now, everyone has their own copy of Maxmio, and had the chance to make their own Maximo crown. 

"I want to be as brave as Maximo"
Don’t they as brave as Maximo? 
Don’t they teach us to be brave and not giving up? 
Don’t they show us the best real example?

They came with their parents. These moms and dads are also just amazing. 
They are just like Maximo’s parents. Never give up. Never stop giving encouragement and love. Never stop walking the journey together with their little Maximo.

*                             *                             *                             *

One of the events that really moved us on that day was a mother of a lung cancer child. Both of them have joined the Maximo session on that day. Before we left the session, the mother came to us and wanted to put in her donation. 

She said, “I want to contribute and part of this team as we (I, my daughter and my family) have received supports from you guys. Now I want to also help the others who would be benefits from the work that you guys are doing.”

Despite of the challenge that this mother has to deal with along the journey of living with cancer, she has a big heart about thinking of the others, too. This spirit has inspired us to continue our work.

Kids, fly high!
Maximo has reached out to 37 children living with cancer on 14 Nov at UMMC. Maximo will continue to reach out to more for sure.

Kids, fly as high as Maximo, because you are able to. 
This is OUR story. It will not stop here.

To our supporters, BIG thanks for helping us to bring Maximo to each child - You are part of this story! 

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