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Maximo at Hospital Seberang Jaya, Penang, 26 Oct 2013

When we were in Penang last weekend, we maximized the trip by bringing Maximo to Hospital Seberang Jaya as well, before driving back to KL on 26 Oct 2013.

Thanks to Dr Yeoh SL from Hospital Penang for connecting MAX and Max Family team to the Paeds Department Head, Dr Angeline Yeoh, who has helped us to get approval and granted the session.

No one from our team has been to Hospital Seberang Jaya before. Min Jia and Yee Jia, who were our main navigator successfully brought us to the place by referring to google map guide. These two ladies were our “pilots”.

We were blessed. Yes, we were, for so many things.

The nurse team helped us in getting the place ready. This time, we were given the whole paeds clinic space to organize the Maximo and the Big C session. Nurses made sure the floor was cleaned and mopped, tables and chairs were arranged, air condition was on, screen was up, and projector was ready. This was the great logistic for us, the organizing and volunteers team to get all the stations and stuffs ready in place.

As soon as all the little guests were arrived, we started our session.
We told the children that we had gift for them from Kuala Lumpur – everyone was curious what that was. A simple yet exciting unveiling ceremony took place. If you remember in Hospital Penang, we invited the Sister of the ward to unveil it, this time; we invited the little guests to do so.

Two little girls volunteered themselves to do so. 
Funny, they were both excited, but yet, worried when they heard that Fan said “Beware, it might be a frog jumping out from the box”. Two little girls slowly untied the ribbons; one of them even stepped one step back, a little uncertain if she was to continue the unveiling action. Finally, both decided to continue. Cautiously, they opened the box slowly, bit by bit – and taadaaa! It was the colourful Maximo and the Big C story book!

Yes, kids, this is the gift that we brought to you from Kuala Lumpur. It was not a jumping frog, but it is a cute flying bird, which was once, not daring to fly.

Isn't this the similar to our life journey? 
One wouldn't know what is exactly waiting for you in front unless you walk towards it, and unveil it. 
Unless you walk towards it, see it and feel it, you wouldn't be able to find out. 
So kids, don’t be afraid, keep walking, take it and face it. Be brave.

Ready for the story of Maximo? Oh yes!

It was the first time that MC did the story telling. Earlier, it was Dr Razak who did it in Kota Kinabalu. MC was a little nervous the night before, and did the rehearsal with Fan till midnight hour. MC still remembered that Fan said, “just go for it. Think of you can do it.” Great thanks to Dr Razak as well for getting the story notes ready for MC. Yes, team work!


The story telling went well, and MC said it was the fantastic experience for her. She had read the story so many times, and this was the first time she told the story to a group of little champions. 

Looking at the little faces listening to the stories, what occupied MC’s head was these little champions are the Maximo, the Maximo in their own ways. Their eyes became full of brightness when it came to the plot of the little Maximo saved the baby sparrow. The baby is now safe! Maximo did it! When he focuses on helping the baby sparrow, he never realized that he helped himself too.

Look at his bright smile. 

MC thought of our patient advocates during that time.
Our patient advocates who were once worry, living in fear when being diagnosed; when they decided to share their own experience in living with cancer with others, they overcame their inner fear; when they decided to step up and hold another patient’s hand, they received energy from the others to make them stronger. Isn't this the story of Maximo?

Yes, our patient advocates are all our Maximo. 
These people, continue to bring energy and encouragement to the others, from a corner to another, from a state to another, and the cycle keep repeating. 
That is why if you ever read the story of Maximo, at the last page, it says “Stories of heroes like Maximo never end. They go on and on and grow with all the kindness, love and compassion he and others of his ilk lavish upon those who are in need.”
This is our story.... it never ends... 
That day, most of the children were accompanied by their parents (mostly mom). When our team finished the storytelling, we thought of these mothers and the nurses. They are just like Mama Maximo – taking care of Maximo, not giving up, giving encouragement, never complained of tiredness.

Shoudn’t we give them a Thank You hug? Of course!
At first, everyone seems shy… but when the first hug was made, the love and appreciative feeling spread across. We especially loved this hugging activity.


The session was not completed when everyone was not yet received the copy of their Maximo and the Big C. Each of the little champions were so excited holding the book in their hand. We explained the message sticker which carrying donor’s blessing.

Sharing story... 

Telling the story once again... 

It was so touching when this one particular kid raised his hand and asked MC, “Buku ini hadiah untuk saya, kak? Kak tolong saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada kakak yang hadiahkan buku ini.” (Translated in English: Is this the gift for me? Please help me to thank the person who given me this gift.”
He then also asked for help if MC can help him to write his name on the sticker. He is about 3 years old and not quite knows writing yet.

MC could see from his eyes that he was so thrilled with the gift, and he felt he was special – by given a personalized gift, where it has a sticker made for him to write his name, and a message for him on the copy of book.
You write your name here... and hold Maximo in your hand and feel Maximo in your heart. 
To someone who is never been a patient, the copy of the book probably means nothing. However, to someone who is being diagnosed, it is such a special gift. That moment, when he received the book, it is not only a book. It is a special gift comes with special wishes and blessings. That was probably the moment brought a change to his life.

Everyone shows their favourite page of the book! 
Fan, the creator of Maximo, then led the children to draw their own Maximo. All the other volunteers were involved together as well.

During this moment, the stronger bonding took place. That was the moment the inner communication took place within everyone. Kids were proud. Mom were proud. Nurses were proud. We were proud!


I want to be part of this too

Adding colours, just like my life

Nothing stop me moving forward



Busy creating their Maximo

It was not just an ordinary session. It was a session touches people’s heart. It was a session touches our heart.
My Maximo! 

When we made a Thank You call back to the nurse on the Monday when we were back to KL office, the nurse was asking, “When are you guys coming back again? The kids were happy and love each of you and the Maximo.”

In the phone, she has added, “We did have other people came in for the kids, what they did was distribute goodie bags in the ward to each kid’s bed and go. What your team has done with the kids – storytelling and bring supports and emotional encouragement to them and their parents, involved them in the activities, were the first experience that we had so far. Kids remembered your team and asked us when are the abang (brother) and kakak (sister) coming again.”

This touches our heart. Once again, it has proven that when we do something with all our heart, the sincerely will be felt. We brought Maximo to the kids with a sincere heart, Maximo has touches not only the kids, but also the adults.

Once again, thank you everyone, who has supported us to make this session possible. 

Thank you for helping us to make this session possible! 

And the happy faces of volunteers - yes we were so tired, but our heart filled up with joy.
You can ask these people - were they happy? 

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