Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project "Sambung Sekolah" - Support Children of Cancer Patients to Continue Schooling

A major catastrophic illness like cancer can ruin a family’s financial status. A significant number of children of patients have difficulties in continuing their education due to financial constraints. 

We believe adequate education is an important element to maximize the achievement of an individual in life and we also believe that no-one should be denied the opportunity for education when a family member is affected by major illnesses.

This project is to identify children of patients (subjects) who need help, and to get voluntary individual/organization to support them at a quantum of RM100 for 12 months (RM1,200 in total per year). 

Sambung Sekolah is initiated by Haematology Department (Hospital Ampang), The Max Foundation and Max Family Society Malaysia.

This project kicks start in mid-Jan 2014, we aim to enrol the first subject during 1 February 2014. 

About US...


v  Partner doctor identifies subject (kid) in need
v  Coordinator (Max Family Society Malaysia) will follow up to work out subject’s details
v  Coordinator does not collect donations in advance, and will contact potential adopter when a subject is identified  

v  Coordinator will follow up on subject's progression every six months
v  Coordinator will provide a summary feedback on status of subject annually to adopter and doctor
v  Duration of adoption: 12 months
v  Renewal of adoption: annually
v  Quantum: RM100 monthly x 12 months (One-off payment of RM1, 200 or 2 payments of RM600 every 6 months)
v  Coordinator does not charge any fee on managing the project, all the amount donated by adopter will be used to support the adopted child at the quantum of RM100 monthly x 12 months
v Subject and adopter identities will not be disclosed to each other. 

Keen to be an Adopter to support Sambung Sekolah?  

Please fill up Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment.

1) You click here to download the Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment Form
You can also write to us to get a copy of Borang 5


2) You can copy the following part which is in RED font, paste in your email body with required information and email to 
Please in your email with Subject Sambung Sekolah – Adopter Enrolment – [Your Name]” 

Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment

To be completed by potential Adopter.
Return the completed form to Max Family Society Malaysia via or fax 03-7726 9903
You can also email to Max Family, providing the required information as stated below.
Please send in email with Subject “Sambung Sekolah – Adopter Enrolment – [Your Name]”

By filling up this enrolment form, I agree to:
Enrol as potential Adopter for Projek “Sambung Sekolah”.
Consent to the project coordinator, Max Family Society Malaysia to contact me when a subject (child) is identified.

My information

[    ] Individual                    [    ] Organization
Name                                    :
Occupation                           :
Age                                       :
Organization/company         :
Contact no                            :
Fax no                                  :
Email                                    :                                                                                              
State/Country                       :

I wish to adopt [       ] subject(s) under Projek “Sambung Sekolah” 

*We will keep your information strictly confidential. We will contact you when a subject is identified.
**Max Family Society Malaysia has applied for tax exemption for donations to our society, however, this is not yet been granted. We are currently still working on this matter.

Information Required in Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment
Copy of Borang 5: Adopter Enrolment 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Phone / Fax: 03-7726 9903

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