Thursday, December 29, 2016

Reflecting on 2016: Impacts

A transformative year for us also means being able to create impacts through our patient initiatives. This year we’re doing things a little bit differently!

Let’s Sama-Sama Sharing & Learning!

We are grateful for all the support we received throughout these great 10 years. With the support, we manage to reach out to thousands of cancer patients and their families in 100 patient gatherings.
This year we experimented with more intimate and casual gatherings called “Let’s Sama-Sama”. We go back to the root; establishing the deeper connection. Let’s Sama-Sama aims to be a platform for patients to build stronger relationships and to encourage more sharing and learning experiences apart from disease education.

Patient - Healthcare Team Relationship

Continuous support from the healthcare team is what makes the patient gatherings possible. Effective doctor-patient communication is crucial in building trust and good relationship, no doubt. It is heart warming to see the health care team and patients take their relationship to more personal level!

#Maxyourcancersupport #Maxyourcancerinfo

We introduced #Maxyourcancersupport and #Maxyourcancerinfo this year! The informational series aim to empower the cancer patients, and to encourage every individual to care about cancer patients.

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