Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reflecting on 2016: People

It’s been a transformative year for us! Reflecting on this year brought us to a fundamental aspect: PEOPLE. In fact it is the most visible transformation of all. Let’s join us reflecting some of the remarkable moments from 2016!

Voices of change

There is nothing more satisfying to see the patients step up from their diagnosis to the agent of change. We are proud to see some of patients rise to become the cancer advocates in their own sphere of influence. They tell their stories, organise cancer awareness campaign, share their experiences publicly, and engage with the other stakeholders to improve the cancer care.

Mature Max Crews

We will not be able to reach out to the patients without the commitment from Max Crew. Today, our Max Crews are coming from diverse backgrounds and contributing in their own capacity. This year they demonstrate their leadership by leading the patient gatherings!

The A-Team of Supporters

“Cancer care is a collaborative endeavour to ensure the cancer care continuum. It’s about healing the human being.” We couldn’t thank our supporters, donors and partners enough for the transformative year!

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