Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First 4 Cases Enroled in Sambung Sekolah on 4th February 2014, in conjunction with World Cancer Day!

Yes! The project team has enrolled the first four children in Sambung Sekolah today!

In conjunction with World Cancer Day 2014, we have made this happen – we have enrolled our first case in Sambung Sekolah, today.

In fact, not only first case. It is first FOUR cases.

With the effort from our key project team and partnering doctors, as well as the great support and trust from the fellow potential donors, we have moved the “dream” of Sambung Sekolah into an action, and real project.

We are happy to share key milestones and the current update status here:

We thank you, the adopters (individual from our community), in helping us, in putting Sambung Sekolah together.

For Potential Adopter who have not been approached by us, do not worry. We will reach out to you once we have an identified Subject (case), and will work with you on adopting process.

Notes: Coordinator is reaching out to Potential Adopter (people who has completed Borang 5 & returned to coordinator) base on chronological order (whoever signed up as potential adopter first will be appear at first on our list).

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Cancer changes one’s life. 

While our partner doctors are treating the patient, we would want to let the needy patient aware that Sambung Sekolah is supporting their children to continue schooling.

Sambung Sekolah is initiated by Haematology Department (Hospital Ampang), The MAX Foundation and Max Family Society Malaysia; aiming to support children of cancer patients to continue schooling.

To know more about Sambung Sekolah, you can visit About Sambung Sekolah and Do not let them drop out from school

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